Heaven is for Real Picture of Jesus

Heaven is for Real picture of JesusIf you’re not familiar with the work of self-taught painter Akiane Kramarik, you might be floored to find out that she painted this striking image of Jesus, titled Prince of Peace when she was only eight years old. According to Akiane, God once spoke to her at a very young age and encouraged her to draw and paint her visions. At the time Akiane’s parents were atheists but on account of her visions and incredible paintings, they later converted to Christianity.

At first Akiane began drawing pictures of family members and animals but eventually her interests shifted to highly detailed, realistic faces; more specifically the face of Jesus.

Here is an excerpt of an interview with her from way back in the summer of 2004. It’s obvious that Akiane has truly been blessed by God.

“I always think about Jesus and talk about Him,” she says. “I was looking for a [Jesus] model for a long, long time, and when I couldn’t find anyone, one day I suggested to my family to pray all day for this model so God would send the right one.” The day that they prayed, a very tall carpenter—yes, a carpenter—came to their door looking for work. When he showed up, Akiane nearly fainted. “I told my mother that that was him. I want him to be my model,” she recalls.

The carpenter agreed to it at first, but he called a week later to back out.

“He said that he wasn’t worthy to represent his Master,” Akiane says. “He’s a Christian, and he’s a humble person. But I prayed that God would change his mind and that he would call back.” And the mysterious carpenter, who wished to remain anonymous, did call Akiane back, saying that God wanted him to pose for the painting, although he felt it was unusual.

Akiane took pictures, studied his face, made sketches, used her imagination and photo references, and the result was the “Prince of Peace.”

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Heaven is for Real BookI actually became familiar with Akiane’s painting by reading the book Heaven is for Real. An incredible book by small-town Nebraska pastor Todd Burpo. Todd’s story is about how his four year old son Colton made a miraculous trip to heaven and back during an emergency hospital visit. While there, Colton met relatives who had passed that he couldn’t have known about. He even had the very special gift of spending time with Jesus himself.

Colton’s parents showed him dozens of different pictures of Jesus but there was always something wrong and it didn’t match up with the person Colton met in Heaven.

Todd later learned of Akiane Kramarik, who also began seeing visions of Jesus at a very young age. When Todd showed his son Akiane’s Prince of Peace painting, this is what happened:

“what is wrong with this one?”

He turned to the screen and for a long moment said nothing.


But he just stood there, studying. I couldn’t read the expression.

“What’s wrong with this one, Colton?” I said again.

Utter silence.

I nudged him in the arm. “Colton?”

My seven-year-old turned to look at me and said, “Dad, that one’s right.”

Is the Heaven is for Real picture of Jesus the actual face of our Lord and Savior? I like to think so but you really should read this book and form your own opinion.

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